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Cherry Commercial Fencing

If you want to blend beauty and effectiveness when it comes to securing your perimeter, our Cherry commercial fencing service will be a satisfactory investment. Allen Fence Company is all about protecting your property with fences built from durable materials and installed with a sturdy foundation.

Cherry Commercial Fencing custom vinyl privacy fence 300x225We cater to the fencing needs of various establishments, including businesses, office buildings, government facilities, and other public accommodations like parks, cemeteries, and sports stadiums. Regardless of how wide the area is or how uneven the ground weโ€™ll have to work with, our team can install the best commercial fence for you.

We will take into consideration the level of privacy and security you need when choosing the material and planning for your fence. Our team is also ready to cater to special requests, take into account unique circumstances, and quickly address unexpected issues upon establishing the best fence for your property.

More importantly, we will work around your budget. We are a bonded, licensed, and insured fence provider that will give the best value for your fencing investment!

Call Allen Fence Company at (705) 805-4986 for your Free Consultation with a Cherry Commercial Fencing specialist!

Types of Commercial Fences

Since every property differs in nature, the type of fence to be installed will also vary depending on the complexity of the security and privacy needs. Your budget range will also greatly matter when it comes to choosing the type of fence that will be best for your fencing project.

As a comprehensive Cherry commercial fencing service provider, we offer all types of fences, including the following:

Coated chain link fence

  • Chain link fences – This is a versatile fence type that is ideal for those who want to save money. If you are on a budget but have a large area to cover, a chain link fence is a good choice. It is available at different heights and can even be customized to stand taller than any intruder would want to climb. Also, if you need added security, chain link fences can have buried bottoms and be equipped with cameras, sensors, and barbed wires on top. You can also use chain link fence slats to give your property more privacy.
  • Ornamental fences – If you want to establish property boundaries and secure your property while still giving the public a view of the architecture or landscape, ornamental fences are the ones to use. They can be made from steel, aluminum, or iron.
  • Welded steel fences – For a durable fence that could properly secure your establishment, welded steel fence is one of the good choices. With the steel welded onto one another, your fence will certainly last a long time if cared for properly. It needs constant brushing to prevent rusting and maintain its durability.
  • Assembled component fencing – If you want the durability of steel fences but want lesser maintenance work, this assembled component fencing might be best for you. Itโ€™s made from machine-punched galvanized steel thatโ€™s coated with G-60 zinc and polyester, giving it better resistance against rust. This fence is assembled with sections and with steels bolted in place with sturdy rods and rivets.
  • Aluminum ornamental fencing – If your establishment is located in a coastal area or exposed to other corrosive chemicals, aluminum ornamental fencing will be ideal. Itโ€™s fairly similar to assembled component fencing with a special powder coating the aluminum for corrosion protection. Quality screws and rivets are used to bolt the fence together.
  • Privacy wood fences – For facilities or businesses that are located near or in residential areas, wood fences are popular choices. They provide a homey vibe and can be customized to have a traditional or modern look. Different types of wood can be used for your commercial fence, with cheaper ones in need of replacement every several years and pricey ones that can last for decades.

There are more types of commercial fences that we havenโ€™t covered in this list. For more information and to accurately pick the best type for your property, talk to fencing experts and let us guide you in each of the fencing typeโ€™s pros and cons.

Why Should I Fence My Commercial Property?

More than the aesthetics, security, and privacy are two great benefits that your establishment can have from high-quality Cherry commercial fencing. It does not only clarify property boundaries but will also protect your building from intruders and other unwanted elements.

Cherry Commercial Fencing Galveston Smooth Vinyl Lattice White 760x382 300x151You should even carefully choose the right type of commercial fence in order to give your facility the appropriate protection and privacy. Upon choosing, consider the value of your assets, the surrounding environmental condition, and the type of neighborhood in which youโ€™re located. This way, we can use the fencing material with the appropriate durability, height, and any added security features.

Whether you have a particularly sketchy neighborhood with lots of robbery cases, youโ€™re located in an area thatโ€™s subject to extreme weather conditions, you need a fence surrounding your property with uneven terrain, or your property has high-value assets inside, we are prepared to customize your commercial fence for the best protection possible.

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From businesses and public accommodations to government and military facilities, any property can have the best security and privacy with our high-quality commercial fences.

Allen Fence Company is fully equipped and extensively experienced in implementing smart fencing solutions, allowing us to cater to any special requests and deal with any issue that may present along the way.

Call Allen Fence Company at (705) 805-4986 for your Free Consultation with a Cherry Commercial Fencing specialist!