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Kawartha Lakes Wood Fence

It is not uncommon to see wood fences lining many of Kawartha Lakes’s residential properties and some commercial properties located in different parts of the city. These wood fences come in various sizes, styles, and colors to match the property and give off that traditional yet classy look that one cannot get from metal fences.

decorative wood privacy fence

Sadly, while wood fences are common, they are very hard to maintain because they are susceptible to things like rotting, moisture damage, and even warping. If not discovered immediately, you will have to replace the entire fence to prevent further damage to the rest of the fence.

Fortunately, our Kawartha Lakes wood fence service at Allen Fence Company can help you get quality wood fences that won’t be stressful to maintain. We use the latest techniques to keep our wood fences able to withstand elements longer and prevent pests from damaging them. Our team guarantees that the wood fence we will install on your property is affordable, long-lasting, and attractive and that you will be satisfied with them for a long time.

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Wood Fencing Options

If you plan to request our Kawartha Lakes wood fence service, you need to know what type of fencing options are available to determine which one works well for you. Each type of fence option works for a specific purpose, and it is crucial that you pick the right one, or else you will need to replace your fences altogether.

We offer the following wood fence options for you to choose from:

Privacy Fence

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Fences are often installed by property owners to keep their space private from the public.

Homeowners, in particular, select fences carefully to prevent people from seeing what is happening inside their property and keep the noise out.

Privacy fences are available in various heights and styles to help protect the property from prying eyes. They do not have gaps, so no one can peek in.

Picket Fence

Want a vintage look for your property? Why not install picket fences on your property?

Picket fences stand from three to four feet and can either be spaced or unspaced. People often select this type of fence because of its aesthetic and capacity to prevent intruders from entering the property since it has pointed tops. It is also the best fence to pick if you want to have some privacy but not fully cover the property.

Rail Fence

wood rail livestock fence

Rail fences are ideal if you want to highlight your property’s boundaries and keep livestock on the property if you use it for farms or gardens. It is also spaced in design so that it can still show the property’s exterior while still securing the area.

The rail fences at Allen Fence Company will come with a countryside and rustic feel that will help accentuate the ambiance of the space.

Custom Wood Fences

decorative wood fencing

If you want to achieve a certain design for your wood fences, you can ask our team to make custom wood fences for your property. Allen Fence Company can make custom fences from any wood you want to use for your wood fencing.

We make sure that the wood is treated and sturdy enough to match the environment where you intend to use the fence, reducing the need to maintain or preserve it regularly. We also make sure that the custom wood fence will match the appearance of your property and add more value to the property.

Full-Service Wood Fence Company

Wood fences are available in various styles that can be difficult to pick from if you are not familiar with all of them. Every wood fence is different, and even if you want a specific design, it may not work well with your property.

custom wood fencing companyWhen you reach out to our Kawartha Lakes wood fence team, we’ll reduce the stress you may have in picking the best wood fences for your property. We will work with you directly to know your specifications and recommend the best ones for your consideration. We can even show you samples of wood fences that we believe match your requirements. Our team will also visit your location to determine the best way to install your wood fences while adding to the appeal of the property.

Once you have picked the wood fence you want to use, our team will make it in-house and sort out the permits needed to get it installed. When everything is ready, our installers will bring everything to your location and get them installed in no time at all. Should your fences get damaged or need maintenance, we have a maintenance and repair team ready to assist you.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Although there are now other materials used for fences, wood fences still have a classic feel to them that other fences cannot replicate easily. It also offers the welcoming ambiance you may be looking for to increase the appeal of your property to those who pass by or visit. It will also increase your property’s value if the fence is installed securely and made well.

Allen Fence Company will dedicate our time and effort to providing you with the best wood fence for your property that you will be proud of. We will be with you from start to finish to make sure we don’t miss anything as we install your fence, and it will stay sturdy for a long time. We are the team you can trust for your fencing needs whenever you need them.

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